Hidden Facts about Extended Auto Car Warranty

A policy that covers a vehicle against mechanical failures and breakdowns. Also known as a Vehicle Service Agreement, Extended Service Agreement, Mechanical Breakdown Agreement, or Extended Warranty. This type of extended warranty will pay for your vehicle's covered repairs based on the terms of the warranty agreement.

Why your car needs an Extended Auto Warranty?
  • Avoid paying for costly auto repairs
  • Increases the resale value of Vehicles since auto warranty is transferable
  • Benefits include Car Rental, Towing & Travel Reimbursement
  • You can have a no or low deductible option
Things to remember before buying an extended auto warranty
  • Do not buy from businesses who call you in or mail you documents saying your auto warranty is expiring
  • Make sure they pay repair facilities directly
  • Do not buy from the dealers who usually price the warranty very high
  • Do not buy from the middleman who get commission
How to find the best deal?
It is completely your decision to buy the extended used car warranty insurance. Never buy auto warrenty under pressure. Only buy it if you believe your auto repair costs are too much and could not afford any more. Get the extended auto warranty immediately if you see any signs of your car breaking down soon!